Crazy Animations

I just know you will all love this..  I first saw this today when my good friend Tracy Reid  posted a video on Facebook. This has some great potential (I think).

Just check out my first video below would love to see your comments. I was just testing it here but there is more you can do with it. Just thought I would use this opportunity to give my old friend (The Tipster) a mention. Who's the guy they talk about in your office? by Affiliate Masterclass

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

When you start to explore it I am sure you will see he potential it may have, well for a little while until the novelty wears off.. Forgot to say that this is FREE.. but you can get the paid version.

I used something similar years ago called SitePal, it used a similar text video feature, I am sure there will be lots of videos soon on how to use it.. however your comments would be appreciated. Thanks

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