Back in November 2010 I released a number of  videos on Facebook based on getting traffic organically via search engines. These seemed quite popular at the time, although only a handful of people got to see them. So I decided to also publish them on my personal blog.

Getting traffic to your website is fundamental to any success online therefore I hope this page and the videos I produced go someway to educating you in what I firmly believe is based on practical commonsense.

To help you locate the videos on this blog I have created this page as a reference point, if you find it useful why not bookmark it or share it with others.


Relevant Criteria Part 1

You will find parts 1 and 2 on this link. This first video will explain how all this came about, as it was part of an experiment with Facebook, as I wanted to see how fast raising questions and getting a response was compared to simply adding a post to a blog or sending an email to a list. I am sure you will find the content of these two videos interesting.

The initial response to these videos was quite promising, however although Facebook is good for gaining an immediate response I find posts on Facebook have very short life span, hence the reason for adding these videos to this blog post. I would be pleased to see your comments, please click the the button below. Thanks..

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Relevant Criteria Part 2

You will find that part 2 is on the same page as part 1

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Relevant Criteria Part 3

Got some great comments on Facebook about this one why not check it.

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Relevant Criteria Part 4

In this next video we look at how Google and other search engines see your pages.

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Relevant Criteria Part 5

In this video we look at how relevat crieteria plays is part in affiliate marketing.

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Relevant Criteria Part 6

In this final video we take a look at Google’s Webmaster Central

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