How Many Pages?

I am sure you all know that there are many ways to make money online, but one thing is for sure and that is .. without content you have nothing.

When I started my Internet journey quite a number of years ago I quickly realised that learning to build/create content and web pages was going to be the key to any real success.. Over the years I worked at speeding up the process, I am sure you all know that building content is time consuming.

The problem was how do I monetise it?

One other major factor was how do I find the buyers, and what is it that they want to buy?

The problem we all face as Internet marketers is not so much about getting the traffic,.. our biggest problem is attracting the people who are ready to buy NOW!! These two videos I shared with my friends on Facebook may help to explain how I address this problem.


This is a video I shared with my friends on Facebook I hope you find it interesting.

Video coming soon

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  1. Thanks for all your comments guys, re David’s comment the peaks in that video where due to the loss of a database, so each day during that period pages where being dropped from the index, when I restructured the database Google re-indexed the site so this caused the fluctuation.

  2. Mark, thanks you very much for all the good advice and I do appreciate your updates on Facebook. Have a very happy easter.

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